This web project  is intended to provide internet surfers a single starting point to seek trusted knowledge in most common fields of science.

It also includes links to a variety of subjects in art and culture.
It provides interested people a space for meeting and discussing scientific and cultural subjects.

Trusted knowledge is key here. Typically, when people look for information on a subject, they start the search in google. While this method will remain important and valid for the widest variety of sources, such as political and financial information, Central Point focuses on scientific and cultural topics in authentic sources such as academic and research institutions.

By this effort, we help curious learners to avoid confusion and false information published in commercial sites that do not necessarily insure the authenticity of the information they publish.

Among the most common examples, are publications about nutrition, health and advanced technology.

We hope that our efforts prove useful and efficient for you, the curious searcher, and welcome all constructive feedback that helps us improve this service.

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